Centrifugal Monobloc


Ramesh Flowmax Series Single/ Three phase   monobloc  pumps are  designed and manufactured to attain maximum efficiency and the motor are designed for optimum efficiency. This ensures more discharge with lower power consumption. The motor are also designed to run at low voltage conditions. Stainless steels shaft are used in motor and pump side to avoid rusting and for longer life. RAMESH FLOMAX SERIES centrifugal monobloc pumps are powered by 240 volts, 50 Hz, Capacitor start and run type, 2800 rpm TEFC motors in single phase and 415 volts, 50 Hz, TEFC motors in three phase. Adequate size of ball bearing and quality mechanical seals are used for durability. These are manufactured using quality raw materials, machined to perfection which passes through stringent quality control system and as such are efficient and maintenance free.


  • Install proper size pipes as recommended.
  • Reduce number of bends in delivery pipe line.
  • Do not use more than one bend in suction line.
  • Use ISI marked foot valves.
  • For pumps having 25 x 25 pipe size do not use 20 mm or 12.7 mm pipes, it will affect the performance of the pump due to pipe friction.
  • To avoid overloading and cavitation,install suction pipe within 10 to 17 feet.
  • Use 1/8 copper wire for ½ H.P., 3/20 Copper wires 1 H.P 7/20 copper wires for 1.5 H.P and 2 H.P monobloc pumps.


Download Performance Chart: