v6 Submersible


Ramesh submersible pumpsets are manufactured using quality raw materials selected after strict inspection procedures.The pump and the motor are tested individually to pass through various stringent quality control tests as per i.s. Specification.


  • The motor is squirrel cage,wet type 2800 RPM suitable for 400/440V. 3 phase 50  Hz. power supply designed to run even at low voltage conditions.
  • High quality water resistant copper winding wires are used for longer life.
  • High Silicon Laminations are used for better performance.Quality stainless steel shaft and leaded -tin-Bronze Bushes are
    used in the motor for rust free and high wear resistant qualities.
  • E.C. grade Copper Rods are used in squirrel cage rotor.
  • Specially designed water lubricated thrust Bearing are used to take the axial load.
  • The motor is effectively sealed by quality oil seals and sand guard to prevent sand and other impurities entering in.
  • Pump casing is made up of high quality graded cast iron.
  • The pump impellers made of leaded-tin-Bronze are dynamically balanced, and are designed for the best hydraulic efficiency.
  • Bushes in the pump are made up of wear resistant L.T.B. – 4 materials.
  • Shaft and shaft sleeves are made up of special grade Stainless steel materials and are ground to close tolerance to last longer.
  • Available in various ranges in both mixed and radial flow types to suit all applications.


Download Performance Chart: